DJ Nikis / Resident DJ

DJ Nikis got his start DJing in Boston some 20 years ago. learning the ropes while spinning tunes for a friends relative’s mobile DJ business.
The variety of gigs he’s played has honed his ability to read a crowd, while the diversity of crowds he’s played for has led to his extensive music collection that crosses cultures and genres. What started as tinkenng on cassette tapes has grown into a life mission: to draw a crowd and amplify positive energy and feel good vibes.

DJ Nikis has made a name for himself doing exactly that with gigs at several Boston hotspots like Storyville. Minibar and The Brahmin.
Over the years his journey in music has led him to find his niche sound dropping all styles of grooves in open format sets. DJ Nikis has also stretched his skills into production with mixes for The Klubjumpers and their weekly show. You can catch his weekly show *Full of Energy* airing every Saturday on @12pm Eastern


My Favourite Quote

“I remember when I first started tinkering with mixing music. I just got tired of hearing the same old songs on the radio so I would cut and paste different parts together on my cassette recorder.”



Current track