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Sonia / Resident DJ

Sonia started DJ-ing at private events, parties and weddings along with her brother in 2000 at a professional DJ company around Toronto, Canada. This job required much musical history background and covering many musical genres and long sets. Through this job experience, Sonia became quite comfortable to DJ at all kinds of events.

However, she developed a higher interest in the Trance & Progressive genre from constantly hearing her brother talk about & playing it. Sonia decided to share her enthusiasm for the Trance genre with others through DJ-ing it since being exposed to the Electronic Music scene as a music fan since she was very young and grew up listening to Disco and EuroDance Music.

In the year 2002, she started to DJ dance music in a club in Toronto, in her 1st year of University but had to stop shortly after and she never thought of it again, until about 10 years later.

In the spring of 2012, while listening to Armin van Buuren, he mentioned in his 550th episode of “A State of Trance” that we need to have more women DJ/producers out there. This is when Sonia decided to re-take her interest in DJ-ing to the next level. In January of 2013 she started her own regular podcast called “Trancedemic Sessions” which she enjoys very much.

Sonia keeps an open mind about all musical genres and tries to incorporate them in some way or form within her Radio Show. Her podcast reflects this versatility as she plays anything from Nu Disco to Techno to Uplifting Trance to even a few pieces of Classical Music. Her appreciation for more than one type of musical genre, allows her DJ style to have a similar kind of an open-ended musical approach yet still be Trance-centered. Sonia is a big promoter of women DJ/producers and her sets reveal this by her featuring specially-themed episodes.

She enjoys the idea of the P.L.U.R. [Peace, Love, Unity & Respect] concept of the EDM scene and she likes to incorporate it in her brand, life and Radio show. Sonia loves including Inspirational words, Sounds & Frequencies in her podcast, especially when she is creating special Spiritually-themed Trancedemic Sessions which are Divinely-Inspired.

When she is not DJ-ing or recording her podcast, she is either Life Coaching, doing Angel Card readings, volunteering, working a day job or working at producing her own music and developing her own sound which she can’t wait to share with you in the future.”

Catch her show every other Sunday at 12:00 noon EST/ 17:00 GMT on Party 103 Radio

Her podcast can be streamed/ downloaded here
Soundcloud and iTunes.