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There are few dance music vocalists as prolific as JES. With three Grammy nominations, two Billboard number one singles and countless chart hits, JES’s mesmerizing voice has redefined the landscape of electronic dance music through classics like “As the Rush Comes,” “Imagination” and “Hold On.” This award-winning singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, radio personality, label head […]

Joe Cormack fell in love with trance music already in 90’s and started to mix music under heavy influence by DJs Virgen, GT or Armin van Buuren. In 2012 he launches his very own radioshow Trance Stage, spread to stations all over the globe. Also started with own production and mainly collabs with a Polish […]

DJ/Producer/Remixer from Glasgow. I mainly play/make Trance music. Gallery  

Roger Shah, Mr Magic Island, is a 5 times awarded DJ Mag Top 100 artist, with more than 600 releases in over 80 countries and countless hit recordings in his genre. Travelling around the globe with his unique sound and live performance, he has played at infamous clubs such as Privilege Ibiza and Zouk Singapore […]

The electrifying and dynamic duo of Serbsican has only begun to emerge into the ever evolving international DJ/ Producer scene since the time of their merger in 2012. With their in depth experience in producing from their days as solo artists, the combination of Dre and Emilio’s styles create a whole new level of powerfully driven […]

Sonia started DJ-ing at private events, parties and weddings along with her brother in 2000 at a professional DJ company around Toronto, Canada. This job required much musical history background and covering many musical genres and long sets. Through this job experience, Sonia became quite comfortable to DJ at all kinds of events. However, she […]

Bert Voorman, born on the 10th of February 1970 in the Netherlands and still lives in the Netherlands. Music is his passion from the moment when he was born, started playing Guitar at the age of 10 and played in several Bands. In 2009 he was started with the first steps in Trance music as […]

Claus Backslash from Germany and Ibiza represents a mixture of (128 -136 BPM). trance and tech trance – that speaks for itself. Claus produced tracks and remixes on many Trance Labels: Black Hole Recordings, Coldharbour Recordings, Outburst Records, AVA Recordinds, Alter Ego Records, We Are Trance, Redux Recordings.. Some of his best Charts Positions at […]

Host of Energy Trance! Gallery

Gino Caporale has spent most of his life behind the turntables or a mixing board. He began his career at the age of 15 after stumbling upon his uncle’s turntables and mixed beats. Honing his skills in local nightclubs while working alongside other influential DJs, he moved on to larger and higher profile venues where […]

RAVE UP- Weekly Radio Show by Ravers Army India. Best of Trance, Psy & Techno. We’ll take you where everything is made for music

For the last Five years he has been playing in clubs around the UK and gathering a huge amount of guest mixes on other radio shows across the world. After Last year’s Huge Success and a handful of remixes and great with Collaborations with Astuni & Kolliders, Rich is aiming to release more solo tracks […]