Alex & Marco Comfortable Electronic Distortion

Comfortable Electronic Distortion

Hosted by Alex Blond & Marco Duke

Scheduled on:
Thursday 8:00 am 9:00 am

Comfortable Electronic Distortion comes after more than 10 years of extensive testing in electronic music by Alex Blond (Alessandro Caliciotti) & Marco Duke (Marco Pennacchini). Collaboration, that of the two, which starts in 2000 with “Cosmopolitan” program that travels in the electro-house music with the best individual out of the period in 2003, again in FM Radio Mania, issuer of the province of Rome, Alex and Duke, following the changes in the music scene, present “Ritmi Urbani”(Urban Rhythms) program that exceeds the 50 episodes that create a springboard to the radio on the web. Just internet marks the successful of the two creative and musical with “Essential Mix Mania” (the name is a clear homage to the historic and reference program, “essential mix” on the air for more than 20 years on the BBC1). In every episode there’s a guest dj (among others was also attended by Helmut Kraft, Miss Brown etc.) and ends its cycle in June 2012 at the 100th episode. Now, as the closing of the circle, the “Comfortable Electronic Distortion” heir “EMM” that evolves the concept of Social DJing, creating, thanks to Facebook, a social network for real and Dj.

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